Shadow Pros @simobarraco and @lahsaankobza have been out killing it in Japan for the past week. Looks like they’ve been having a sick time! #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #simonebarraco #lahsaankobza

Shadow was once again a proud sponsor of one of the best events to happen in France, the BMX Street Station Jam. The weekend was full of crazy riders shredding a ton of unique obstacles including our Coffin Ledge. Hit the site to check out coverage from the event including rad photos of the whole French crew. Thanks to @sparkysfrance and @larage_events! #theshadowconspiracy #bmx

Head to the Shadow site now and check out all the coverage from this past weekends New England Jam Chowder. Shadow Am @mark_burnett was in attendance and ripping it up along with teammate and Shadow Pro @treyjonesucks. Get all the videos and photos right now courtesy of @thecomeupbmx @digbmx and @doleckivisuals #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #markburnett

Shadow pro @lahsaankobza with a crook to bar on the @subrosabrand Street Rail. He actually learned this trick on the same rail a week back in Arizona and now he’s doing them while in Japan with @simobarraco. That rail is the truth. #theshadowconspiracy #BMX #lahsaankobza

Head to the Shadow site now and check out this rad edit of Tom Deville (@tomdevillebmx), a badass rider from Montpellier, France repping us through @bmxavenue and @sparkysfrance! #theshadowconspiracy #BMX #tomdeville

Shadow Pro Scott Ditchburn (@ditchburn420) has been trying his hand at editing lately and put together a quick little skatepark edit for @thecomeupbmx using some bro cam clips he’s collected while living in Texas. Hit the Shadow site and give it a watch, there are some good moves to be seen. #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #scottditchburn

Shadow Pro @drewbezanson with a monster nac nac at last years @redbull Dreamline contest. Looking forward to what he comes up with this year! #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #drewbezanson

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