Paying respects to a lost friend and an amazing rider. Rest in peace Rickey Bates, Gary Demartine, and Matt Uhl. You are missed. #rbgd #banned4ever

Episode 7 of @RedBull’s Raditudes comes out swinging with some amazing footage of Shadow pro @DrewBezanson at the Mongoose Jam at Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania. Huge trucks off of skinny railings and flip double peg grabs make this an absolute must watch! Hit the Shadow site now and enjoy the show!

After our month long trip through Europe, Shadow Pro Simone Barraco (@simobarraco) headed to the United Kingdom for @RedBull’s Hero Tour. Riding the finest selection of indoor, wood ramps the UK has to offer, Simone was able to lay down some wild moves including this crank arm to turndown up a rail. Hit the Shadow site now and check it out! #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #simonebarraco

Shadow Pro @lahsaankobza is always down for a big hop. Check out this big one he sent for his @rideukbmx interview shot by @k_terra. #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #lahsaankobza

Barcelona Shadow rider @diegomononavarro hitting the boost button with a huge toboggan. Photo: @estoestajosha #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #diegonavarro

Shadow Am @ericbahlman messing around with a tabes over the three day weekend. Photo: @brainmangler #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #ericbahlman

French Shadow Pro Joris Coulomb (@jorisco) just built up a new @subrosabrand @simobarraco Noster II in his signature purple colorway with a fresh Raptor freecoaster. So clean. @sparkysfrance #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #joriscoulomb

Our boy @mark_burnett isn’t just a street dog. Check him shredding the trails with a classic tabes in this shot by @walterpieringer. #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #markburnett

No one can fakie air better than @seth_kimbrough. Fakie Toboggan at @woodwardcamp a few weeks back. #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #sethkimbrough

OG Shadow rider Ryan Sher (@subrosabrand) putting some tires on a wall the only way he knows how. Yeah dude! #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #ryansher

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